There’s Something About Mary – 25 Things You Should Know
Horoscope sign: Capriquarius
Meal of the day: Breakfast is good to eat any time
Restaurant experiences: McDonald’s and California Pizza Kitchen
iPod playlist: Random songs from all genres with a whole lot of Britney Spears
TV channel to watch when nothing else is on: The Food Network
Favorite quote: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Pet-peeves: Lack of common sense and inconsiderate people
Strange habits: Locking car twice and rewriting notes
Afraid to do alone: Fly on a plane
Piercings and tattoos: Belly ring
Celebrity crushes: Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan
Best travel experience: Cabo San Lucas
Embarrassing moment: Adding midnight blue highlights to hair that turned bleach green
Preferred season of the year: Summer
Bucket list items: Run a marathon, learn how to swim and road trip to all the States
Spare or free time activities: Community volunteering, house cleaning and dancing
Classes taken other than for education purposes: Modeling and acting
Happy hour cocktail: Vodka soda with extra lime
Most influential person: Grandpa because he was always so positive
Always wanted to but too scared to: Sky dive
Proudest moments: Graduating from college and starting event planning business
Ideal super power: Teleport
Biggest fears: Snakes and spiders
Craziest things ever done: Walked under water and zip lined from tree to tree
With $10 million lottery winnings: Donate to charity, provide for parents and travel